Meet Our New Fiddler, Brittany Johnson

Brittany & Paddy

Last weekend saw the debut of our new fiddler Brittany Johnson! Her aggressive and passionate style has been leaving our fans slack-jawed, and pretty soon she’ll be blowing your mind, too.

Brittany hails from Urbana, Illinois, but as of this month she is a fellow Houstonian and a Blaggard. Come out and join us in welcoming her to the family!

5 thoughts on “Meet Our New Fiddler, Brittany Johnson

  1. Welcome to the most AWESOME band, Brittany! Hey, Patrick – if she’s from up this way, does this mean we’ll see you in St. Louis more often?? Happy Holidays, Blaggards!!

  2. I was too bummed when the Bloomington, il show got cancelled. I live in Champaign, please come to C-U when you visit the Midwest!

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