Live in Texas

Cover artwork for Blaggards-Live in TexasWhile widely and roundly praised, Blaggards’ first release Standards left many fans longing for a truer representation of the band’s live sound. On this, their second release, Blaggards cut straight to the quick. Recorded live at the Continental Club in Houston, TX, Live in Texas captures the band’s brash and bold stage presence and never lets up from start to finish.

“The band’s rowdy enthusiasm (‘Waxie’s Dargle’, ‘Big Strong Man’) and keen sense of timing and musicianship (‘Rocky Road to Dublin’, ‘Botany Bay’) bring out the natural affinity between Irish folk, with its approving position of alcohol-fueled misbehavior- shall we say, ‘shenanigans’- and punk rock. The resulting mix, as documented on Live in Texas, isn’t just an entertaining novelty. It’s a legitimate update of the folk tradition for a contemporary urban environment.” DANIEL MEE for