SlapperCast Episode 124: “Scouser in the Room” with Joe Walmsley

Like a true Liverpudlian, our old friend singer-songwriter Joe Walmsley forged his career performing in pubs AND at sea, and has now called San Antonio home for 15 years. So many great stories, too many for one show!

MASSIVE THANKS to our friends at The Whip Radio for putting together the wonderful radio ad for BLAGMATIC. You can hear tracks from BLAGMATIC on The Whip at!

You can hear BLAGMATIC on The Whip at!

Show notes

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SlapperCast Episode 123: “Bass Brain” with Allen Hill

Our good friend Allen Hill returns to SlapperCast to talk about his new single “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and how he approaches everything in life as a bass player. Also: our new album BLAGMATIC is open for pre-orders!

Yeah Yeah Yeah by Allen Hill on YouTube (Streaming service links)

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SlapperCast Episode 33: All Over the Map with Allen Hill


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The CD is scheduled to be released on July 14, and everyone who pre-orders the CD now will also be able to download the album in high-quality audio before release day. 

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