SlapperCast Episode 87: Least Favorite Boy of Summer

This week on Slappercast, we talk about best/worst live bands, opening songs, encores, etc.

We’re also giving away a case of Blackwater Draw Brewing Co.’s “I Wity the Fool” to one lucky winner in the Houston area. To enter the drawing, go watch this episode on YouTube, subscribe, and leave a comment there telling us about your favorite (or least favorite) live band, opening, encore, etc. BY TUESDAY OCTOBER 13. Recipient must be of legal drinking age in Texas.



  • Poorly recalled music memories of 1987
  • Eric’s memories of Extreme opening for Aerosmith at the Orpheum in Boston
  • Patrick’s memories of seeing Aerosmith in Miami
  • Great opening songs (The Police, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Cheap Trick, Queen, David Bowie, Crowded House, Dio, etc.)
  • Great live bands with mediocre studio albums
  • Disappointing encores
  • Great encores
  • Live shows ruined by bad sound
  • Best/worst opening bands

SlapperCast Episode 86: Part-time Professionals

This week on #SlapperCast: a free-form discussion of metal/prog drummers, recent gigs, and how we’re learning to navigate this seemingly never-ending pandemic as professional musicians.

  • What coffee are we drinking today?
  • Patrick’s coffee brewing tips
  • Praise for drummer Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Mr. Bungle
  • Dave Lombardo’s on-and-off again relationship with Slayer
  • Lombardo vs. drummer Paul Bostaph
  • New tour dates in early October (Wichita KS, Omaha NE, etc.)
  • T-Bone Tom’s in Kemah on October 23rd
  • Acoustic Blaggards shows… without a fiddle player
  • Many thanks to Tim Kennedy for providing video footage from our performance at the Sherwood Virtual Celtic Gathering
  • Our recent show at Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. in Bryan TX
  • Eric’s new drum kit
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been killing our pubs and breweries
  • Praise for Chris Buckley, former Blaggard fiddler who played with us last week
  • Time signature changes vs. “feel” in rock music
  • Eric’s favorite Rush song
  • Eric’s upcoming PASIC roundtable discussion on Neil Peart, featuring Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater
  • Do prog bands take themselves too seriously?
  • Our habit of teasing audiences with brief bits of classic rock songs we have no intention of actually playing
  • Our new album is in the mixing stage
  • Looking forward to getting out-of-state for the first time since the pandemic started
  • Memories of our first road trip with Eric back in 2017
  • NEXT WEEK: a giveaway of Blackwater Brewing Co. beer on Episode 87
  • Upcoming Houston-area shows in November
  • People who request songs and then disappear
  • Song requests that make no sense
  • Billy Joel’s overt Beatles influence on “Nylon Curtain”