SlapperCast 98: “Songs are where it’s at” — A conversation with Ash Soan

This week we have a stunning conversation with the mighty Ash Soan—speaking to us from his recording studio all the way over in Norfolk, UK.

Ash is a brilliant drummer, recording and touring musician with a resumé a mile long and loads of amazing stories to tell, of which you’ll hear plenty in this episode (Sinéad O’Connor, Van Morrison, Del Amitri, Adele, Rick Wakeman, Terry Reid, et al). We also talk about how the pandemic has affected touring musicians and road crew, and what things might be like when we’re able to resume business as usual. But the main focus of this conversation turned out to be the underappreciated art of “playing for the song”.

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SlapperCast Episode 97: Subtle Lack of Bagpipes – A Conversation with Tony Scalzo of Fastball

This week we’re thrilled to welcome Tony Scalzo of the band Fastball on the show! We talk about how the pandemic has affected the music industry, Tony’s love for Austin and Houston, and many other subjects.

By the way, our new single “Fairytale of New York” (a cover of the Pogues classic) is on streaming services NOW!

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SlapperCast Episode 96: Bound and Gigged

This week on SlapperCast, we talk about TWO new Christmas singles Blaggards are releasing this month (one cover and one original), and also two exciting guests we’ll have on the show soon, and then gush about a legendary drummer (or two) we hope to have on the show as well.

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SlapperCast Episode 95: Ball of Candyfloss (Favorite Christmas Songs)

This week on SlapperCast, we talk about favorite Christmas traditions, favorite (and least favorite) Christmas songs. Thanks Greg for the question!

Also: brand new Blaggards coffee mugs are for sale for a limited time at