SlapperCast Episode #29: Serving the Song — a conversation with Randy Hill of Little Outfit

This week on SlapperCast, we have an epic conversation with our good friend Randy Hill of local Houston band Little Outfit. We’re playing a show with Little Outfit at Dan Electro’s on Sunday, September 22!

Show notes

SlapperCast Episode 28: Another Four Shirt Night

This week on SlapperCast: Patrick and Chad have a leisurely discussion about vinyl records (yes, again), people who’ve helped the band along throughout the years, Blaggards becoming an LLC, Houston’s summer heat, our upcoming Ireland tour, stories from our first Ireland tour, Brexit’s effect on Ireland, and our upcoming “Blaggards Live” podcast.

Join us in IRELAND this Fall

SlapperCast Episode 27: Hair Tips From Bald People

This week on SlapperCast, Patrick and Chad talk about how to stay focused and positive when you’re self-employed, why daily exercise is essential, favorite album covers, and Chad raves about his new Apple Watch.


Artwork by Andrew Schram.

Artwork by Andrew Schram.

SlapperCast Episode 26: The Bee Gees Need Some Dive Bombs

This week on SlapperCast: Patrick and Chad talk about their recent shows in San Antonio and Plantersville before addressing a question about what legendary bands they wish they could have played with. This leads to a discussion of how Elvis Presley might have been saved.

Also, our IRELAND tour is definitely happening! Sign up today!

Join us in IRELAND this Fall

Artwork by Vicente Yuste.