SlapperCast Episode 18: Epiphany’s Little Sister

Blaggards with Derek Warfield in February 2009 (Photo by Jon Riesenfeld)

Hello from Las Vegas! This week, Paddy and Chad talk about how Blaggards got booked in Vegas by the legendary Derek Warfield, the band’s longtime relationship with Celtic FC supporters, their unique arrangement of Fields of Athenry, the perils of people-pleasing in the arts, and a tip of the hat to the remarkable bravery of stand-up comedians.

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SlapperCast Episode 17: Hold Me

Chad waxes nostalgic about Fitzgerald’s, one of Houston’s oldest music venues that closed last year… and was torn down last week to make way for a parking lot.

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SlapperCast Episode 16: Chocolate is a Vegetable, Right?

This week on SlapperCast, Patrick and Chad talk about their interests outside of music, how they “wind down” between shows, how the band has held together for so long, favorite foods, and the joys of Houston humidity. Also plenty of odd diversions, including a story about Chad’s unlikely-but-true connection to the ’90s movie “Reality Bites”.

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