SlapperCast Episode 123: “Bass Brain” with Allen Hill

Our good friend Allen Hill returns to SlapperCast to talk about his new single “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and how he approaches everything in life as a bass player. Also: our new album BLAGMATIC is open for pre-orders!

Yeah Yeah Yeah by Allen Hill on YouTube (Streaming service links)

Cooking With Max

Pre-Order BLAGMATIC, the new album from Blaggards

SlapperCast Episode 33: All Over the Map with Allen Hill

SlapperCast Episode 121: Blank Sabbath

Here’s the latest episode of SlapperCast, recorded around the table at Patrick’s house on Thursday morning right before a rehearsal. The night before, we had just received the final album cover artwork for BLAGMATIC from our friend Vicente, which leads into a discussion of album artwork in general.

The new album pre-order is coming VERY VERY soon, folks! Many exciting things are happening, and you can hear us brimming over with abundantly appropriate enthusiasm in this episode.