BLAGGARDS are looking for a multi-instrumentalist

BLAGGARDS are looking for a multi-instrumentalist to play (mostly) regional shows in Texas.

We need someone who:

  • Lives in Houston area
  • Has a great attitude
  • Has good quality gear
  • Can play multiple instruments (accordion/mandolin/violin/banjo/guitar etc.)
  • Has a good ear and plays for the song

Vocal harmonies are a plus.

Please EMAIL us at and include:

  • contact information (phone number, email)
  • brief details of prior experience
  • video(s) of your performances

SlapperCast Episode 124: “Scouser in the Room” with Joe Walmsley

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Like a true Liverpudlian, our old friend singer-songwriter Joe Walmsley forged his career performing in pubs AND at sea, and has now called San Antonio home for 15 years. So many great stories, too many for one show!

MASSIVE THANKS to our friends at The Whip Radio for putting together the wonderful radio ad for BLAGMATIC. You can hear tracks from BLAGMATIC on The Whip at!

You can hear BLAGMATIC on The Whip at!

Show notes

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Hear our new single MOONSHINER:

SlapperCast Episode 87: Least Favorite Boy of Summer

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This week on Slappercast, we talk about best/worst live bands, opening songs, encores, etc.

We’re also giving away a case of Blackwater Draw Brewing Co.’s “I Wity the Fool” to one lucky winner in the Houston area. To enter the drawing, go watch this episode on YouTube, subscribe, and leave a comment there telling us about your favorite (or least favorite) live band, opening, encore, etc. BY TUESDAY OCTOBER 13. Recipient must be of legal drinking age in Texas.



  • Poorly recalled music memories of 1987
  • Eric’s memories of Extreme opening for Aerosmith at the Orpheum in Boston
  • Patrick’s memories of seeing Aerosmith in Miami
  • Great opening songs (The Police, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Cheap Trick, Queen, David Bowie, Crowded House, Dio, etc.)
  • Great live bands with mediocre studio albums
  • Disappointing encores
  • Great encores
  • Live shows ruined by bad sound
  • Best/worst opening bands