Been a while since we checked in……
Chad celebrated about 5 birthdays and we learned (and forgot) 7 new songs!
Molly’s tour is going great. Made some great new friends and Turi won’t stop calling her.
We will split town this week to deafen the western folk of College Station and Austin. Hope they remember us.
Brian is appearing @ the Miller Outdoor Theater Thursday, June 29th. (Some sort of ballet or jazzersize solo show) Its in the morning so I’ll dream about it.
TONS more to write about so I’m off to the scratcher.
Slan anois,
Paddy O Tubby.

2 thoughts on “LAZY BLOGGARDS….

  1. Hey, man I saw Patrick last weekend at my grandmothers 80th birthday party in Longview Tx. he said he would send me a bumper sticker, but never asked for my adress and to top it off he’s my brother-in law. Yea I’m Kelly’s older brother. Guess I’ll have to call him.

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