2007 in Review / Looking Ahead / Many Thanks

::: 2007 IN REVIEW :::

What a year it was! Turi Hoiseth left for San Fran, Brian Vogel came back (and left again), and James “Earthquake” Edwards ROCKED most of the year with us.

Later, we were fortunate enough to land our new Blaggards Chris Buckley (of Tea Merchants), and Greg Main (of Academy Black, Honky, The Possums, and many others). We’ve never lost a step with Chris and Greg… one two-hour rehearsal and we haven’t stopped since.

Our slot in 2007’s Houston Press Music Awards Showcase was huge for us, so we starting booking weekend headlining shows at the Continental Club, and the response has been tremendous. We played grand openings, grand closings, weddings, divorces, funerals, birthdays, and shows with Brave Combo and Gaelic Storm. We even drove all the way to Mississippi and back again in ONE NIGHT.


We’ve been invited to play at SXSW 2008, so next year is already looking big. We’ll be putting out a studio album, appearing on TV and radio, and we plan to play every city in the United States of America and drink four cups of coffee at every truck stop.


Our deepest thanks to Turi, Brian, and James. Cheers to all the pubs, clubs, couches, breakfast tacos, and litter boxes. And thanks to everyone who “threw down” for us on MySpace, and especially all of YOU who came out to the shows.

Happy New Year Everyone!