No Knickers Tour Leg One: Full Report

The first leg of our 2008 tour is complete and was a big success–the coldest reception we got the whole trip was when we jumped into the ocean at Jax Beach (and Dunkin Donuts).

We spent the first night at Culhane’s–the Culhane sisters are great craic (like the Corrs, only talented). Good luck on the baby Mary Jane! Thanks to Holliann & Belinda for driving all the way to see us—it means a lot!

Then we packed up the mules and headed for Brewster’s Pub. Great room, great staff; thanks especially to Van Halen for opening for us and ‘warming’ up the crowd!

Afterwards, around 4am Sunday morning, we used the blanket of NIGHT to steal into Lynch’s and set up our gear, but Séan Lynch caught us red-handed and made us stay for a slew of pints. Lynch’s was deadly, very un-Sunday-like.

Southbound to Davee World® (like Disney World® but more animated) to soil Al Capone’s old haunt, and then on to Major Devlin’s mansion (cheers for the crib, John Joe). We crashed Keith Michaud‘s gig at Brogue’s (phenomenal talent, Keith) before leveling Tobacco Road in downtown Miami (thanks Oski).

Big thanks to Russell, Donny, and Jeff at the Bamboo Room, hands down one of the finest stages around (see you Paddy’s Day, Jeff?). Keith Ahern (of Lahinch Mob fame) stole the damn show, too (fuck Bono).

Eighteen coffees later we landed at Murphy’s Law in Savannah, where Chris served us burgers & whiskey with Aaron & Keara, who showed up from South Carolina (thanks again!). Great to see you there, Kings of Hell!

Finally, we arrived in Atlanta (before spending all day in traffic) where Skinner gave us the VIP tour of the brand new mother-of-all-Fádos on the “Rodeo Drive of the South”. The two best-dressed people in Georgia… Teri & Greg from Austin (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERI–Thanks again for coming up!) Brian Russell, you are still the wind beneath our wings. Cheers, mate.

Stay close y’all, the engine’s runnin’.