Blaggards on “The Good Wife” this Sunday!

goodwifeBig news: two of our songs, “Drunken Sailor” and “Big Strong Man”, will appear on the CBS series The Good Wife this Sunday, March 24, 8 PM Central.

Both songs will appear in the background of a scene at a bar. So when you see the booze, turn it up. Easy!

CBS contacted us about this last week, and the details were finalized only a couple hours ago today. Needless to say, we are over the moon.

Spread the news, program the TIVO, and buy the beer!

3 thoughts on “Blaggards on “The Good Wife” this Sunday!

  1. Hey I use to work at the Chevron in Cedarcreek Tx where the 24 hr MacDonalds is you guys use to come in around 2 or 3 am for food……y’all gave me a T-shirt and a couple of cd’s and I still.jam out to them you guys are awesome Patrick….I’m glad y’all ate doing so well….
    Rock on…….

  2. Hey Louis! Great to hear from you. Yeah, since you left we never go there anymore. Ain’t the same! No Louislove!

  3. Yeh right I bet y’all still hit the MacDonalds……need to feed Pat…..

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