SlapperCast Episode 10: Just Kidding, Lars

This week on SlapperCast, two listener questions take us an entire episode to answer… first, we compare Shane MacGowan of the Pogues to Ronnie Drew and Luke Kelly of the Dubliners. Then follows a ridiculously long discussion of our top five(ish) desert island discs.

References for this episode

Patrick’s Top 5 Desert Island Discs

  1. Life Live – Thin Lizzy
  2. Gold: Greatest Hits – Abba
  3. Live After Death – Iron Maiden
  4. Reign in Blood – Slayer
  5. Elvis 75 – Good Rockin’ Tonight – Elvis Presley (4 Disc Box Set)

Chad’s Top 5 Desert Island Discs

  1. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – David Bowie
  2. Peter Gabriel (Scratch) – Peter Gabriel
  3. Fear of Music – Talking Heads
  4. The White Album – The Beatles
  5. ???

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