SlapperCast Episode 18: Epiphany’s Little Sister

Blaggards with Derek Warfield in February 2009 (Photo by Jon Riesenfeld)

Hello from Las Vegas! This week, Paddy and Chad talk about how Blaggards got booked in Vegas by the legendary Derek Warfield, the band’s longtime relationship with Celtic FC supporters, their unique arrangement of Fields of Athenry, the perils of people-pleasing in the arts, and a tip of the hat to the remarkable bravery of stand-up comedians.

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2 thoughts on “SlapperCast Episode 18: Epiphany’s Little Sister

  1. love listening to y’all talk; it’s like a woven pattern of memories and thoughts and information. So cool.

    Speaking of Bowie and his sudden commercial success: he hired Stevie Ray Vaughan to play on Let’s Dance (the album) and Stevie was going to tour with him; however the record company wouldn’t let Stevie talk about his own album (that came out at the same time) so Stevie said thanks but no thanks.

    Have a blast in Vegas!

  2. Hi Brian! “Woven” is a very kind word, thanks. 😉

    Yes, I’m familiar with that story about Stevie, a shame they couldn’t work it out. I’ve heard theories, too, that the underlying behind-the-scenes reason for the disagreement between their management teams had to do with how much Stevie and his entourage were into using certain hard drugs. Bowie himself had just gotten clean in recent years, so there may be something to that as well.

    ~ Chad

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