SlapperCast Episode 35: Speedo Sherwood

This week on SlapperCast, Patrick talks about his favorite home recording device. Chad complains about how the digital age has rotted his brain, and pines for the old days when devices had one singular purpose. Also: memories of long gone Houston music venues, and Patrick’s love of the Houston Astros.

Patrick operating his BR-1180.

2 thoughts on “SlapperCast Episode 35: Speedo Sherwood

  1. I had one of those great (heh) all-in-one systems with the tuner, turntable built in on top, and 8-track built in. I think it was from JC Penney’s. 8-track mix tapes were the thing back then.

  2. Cool, yeah I had one of those all-in-ones, too, but with a dual cassette deck. It went belly up before I graduated high school. That’s when I acquired the ancient component system I still have now. I think it’s time to dust it off and see if it still works.

    I do remember when 8-track players were a standard feature of most hifi systems… mid-70s, I guess. I know my mom’s stereo had one, and a few of my friends still had one in their car during high school in the 80s.

    ~ Chad

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