SlapperCast Episode 77: Longtime Listener, First-time Caller

This week on #SlapperCast, we welcome our longtime “auxiliary” fiddler, the brilliant Jeff Duncan!

Jeff has been performing and recording with Blaggards since 2008, and will be prominently featured on our forthcoming new album.

Topics include:

  • How we first met Jeff
  • The influence Jeff’s parents had on his musicianship
  • Jeff’s talent for playing songs he’s never heard before
  • What music we’re listening to in our cars right now
  • What bands would we like to play in given the opportunity
  • Sight-reading or play by ear?
  • Audience members trying to insert themselve into your gig
  • How did Jeff choose fiddle as an instrument?
  • The importance of teaching music to kids
  • Challenges in teaching music remotely during the pandemic
  • Current Blaggards projects in rehearsal and the recording studio
  • The value of arrangement skills (including praise for our original fiddler Turi Hoiseth)

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