SlapperCast Episode 82: More Than Twenty, Less Than a Million

This week on #SlapperCast:

  • Houston’s near-miss with Hurricane Laura
  • An update on last week’s show (Episode 81) with pub/brewery owner Chris Steele and his efforts to reopen his businesses during the pandemic under current TABC restrictions
  • Upcoming guest: comedian Slade Ham
  • The op-ed battle between Jerry Seinfeld and James Altucher about the fate of New York City
  • How the pandemic is affecting retail space and office space real estate
  • Do we have any strange pre-show rituals?
  • How audience feedback affects musicians and comedians
  • How many marriages are Blaggards responsible for?
  • Why we miss the routine of loading in/setting up/breaking down/loading out gear at shows
  • The importance of a quick load-out after a show
  • Struggles with weight loss/maintenance during the pandemic
  • Will we do a #SlapperCast live stream?
  • We will we record and release our version of Danny Boy?

Many thanks to Kelli for your questions!


Questions, comments?

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