SlapperCast Episode 85: Martinis & Disappointment


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This week on SlapperCast: disappointing albums, musicians we like but wouldn’t want to work with, difficult working relationships in bands.


  • Eric’s “ointment” story
  • Recapping our first full-length performance in months
  • How much time off is too much?
  • The challenge of developing an unspoken language as a band when we’re not gigging
  • Managing different tempos and keys in a set list
  • Last week’s show with Cindy Heywood (see Episode 84)
  • Slade Ham’s recent stand-up comedy show at the Houston Improv (see Episode 83)
  • Other comedy shows we’ve seen
  • The possibility of Blaggards doing shows with stand-up comedians
  • Eric’s memories of Hi-Ho Records in Berlin, New Hampshire
  • Patrick’s memories of Houston’s Cactus Records in the old days
  • Patrick and Eric remember learning about new album releases by reading music magazines
  • Chad remembers the joy of discovering new album releases at record stores just by chance
  • Chad’s deep disappointment with Peter Gabriel’s “So” album when it first came out in 1986
  • Eric explains the one thing that makes Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” cool
  • Eric’s disappoinment with the Boo Radleys
  • Patrick’s disappoinment with Iron Maiden’s Blaze Bailey period
  • Chad’s disappoinment with Queen’s “Hot Space” album
  • Patrick’s disappointment with Freddie Mercury’s solo material
  • Eric’s disappointment with Sting’s early ’90s solo material
  • A critique of the “Synchronicity” album by the Police
  • The joy of a watching solid three-piece band perform like the Police or ZZ Top
  • Sting and Stewart Copeland’s turbulent working relationship
  • Musicians we like but wouldn’t want to work with (Chuck Berry, Buddy Rich, James Brown, etc.)
  • Tin Machine versus David Bowie’s solo material
  • Bootsy Collins’ experience working with James Brown
  • Ricky Gervais’ friendship with David Bowie