SlapperCast 91: Everything’s Private Property If You’ve Got a Gun | Doug Stanhope (Part Two)

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Here is Part Two of our conversation with Doug Stanhope. In this segment, Doug spends much of his time essentially interviewing us, which again shows you what a genuine person he is. Can’t wait to have him on the show again.

Part One

Topic list:

  • Congratulations to our friends Kelly & Debbie Howe on their 30th anniversary
  • Doug asks about our mutual friends in Houston-based band RAT RANCH
  • Doug’s history at Chilkoot Charlie’s in Anchorage, Alaska
  • The challenges of having too many people in a band
  • Paddy: being a comedian is the hardest job in the world
  • How old-school casette audiobooks changed Doug’s life on the road in the early days
  • The joy of exploring backroads locations while on tour (how Doug found Bisbee, AZ)
  • Doug and Paddy compare their (very close) ages
  • Doug asks how long Blaggards have been together
  • Eric’s frustration with joining the band right before the pandemic kicked in
  • Why our former drummer Mike McAloon left the band
  • Doug asks what ‘Blaggards’ means
  • ‘Plausible deniabilty’ for band names before the internet
  • Doug asks what “Behind the Music” dirt Blaggards might have
  • Doug asks if any of us are sober or single
  • Is music a young man’s sport?
  • Doug asks what cover songs we love doing in our own style
  • How Blaggards side-step Irish rock clichés
  • Doug’s love of Irish Rock (despite his disinterest in music in general)
  • What Irish rock band does Paddy dislike the most
  • Overplayed bar-band songs
  • How cover songs are often better than the originals
  • The complicated issue of comedy theft
  • How Australian comedian Jim Jeffries blatantly stole a routine from Doug
  • Comics have no recourse to copyright infringement
  • How joke theives are effectively drummed out of the business
  • Doug asks if anyone has ever stolen from Blaggards
  • How we came up with our version of “Drunken Sailor”
  • How young comics often try impress Doug with similar material
  • How language barriers can create conflicts in comedy material

Show Notes