SlapperCast Episode 142: Hulk Hogan in a Blender

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This week on SlapperCast as we leave a rowdy gig in the Texas Rennaissance Faire campgrounds, we continue our discussion of music biopics. What would it take to make a good one, what makes them bad, and a few ideas we have for good ones.

(CORRECTION from Chad: “Bowie was kicking a *cocaine* addiction during his Berlin Trilogy period, not heroin. My bad.”)

SlapperCast Episode #141: Dee Snider Played Himself

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The story behind BLAGMATIC’s “hidden” track, the audiobook of Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, why music biopics are often bad, and what makes them good when they’re good.

NOTE: Stevie Van Vandt does indeed read the audiobook of his memoir, and it pretty much sounds exactly as ECH envisioned it (see link below).