Paddy’s Day Weekend 2019!

FRIDAY: Houston at Mo’s Irish Pub Vintage Park.

SATURDAY: Corpus Christi at Cassidy’s Irish Pub for St. Paddy’s Day Festival 2019! Two sets; 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM.

SUNDAY: College Station at O’Bannon’s Taphouse… Paddy’s Day ALL DAY! 12 Noon to 2  AM.


SlapperCast Episode 6: Before Jesus Had Teeth

An old list of Blaggards show dates from the band’s first East Coast tour in March 2006 triggers a slew of memories, including a detour into the early days of social media.

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Blaggards in Las Vegas, June 4–June 9

Photo by Mike McAloon.

We’ll be playing SIX NIGHTS at Rí Rá Las Vegas during the 2019 Nafcsc Convention!

Fat Tuesday and Sherwood

Photo by Jeff Cohen.

Tuesday we’re in Galveston for the Fat Tuesday parade at about 6 PM, followed by a show at Drunken Monkeyz!

Then Saturday we’re playing the 4th Annual Trash Tribe Chili Cook Off at Sherwood Forest Faire Campgrounds Site #6.