Kemah & San Antonio

Photo by Don Walker

THURSDAY we’re back at T-Bone Tom’s in Kemah. ALL AGES and an early start at 6 PM.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY we’re back in Mo’s Irish Pub in San Antonio, and Saturday is Mo’s Halfway to Paddy’s Day Party! 8:00 PM start.

#NoNayNEVERaCover at T-Bone Tom’s and Mo’s!

Also don’t miss the latest episode of SlapperCast:

SlapperCast Episode 34: Mister Moist or Doctor Hurricane

Photo by Slade Ham of Patrick & son Conor on the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey, August 2017.

This week on #SlapperCast: Patrick and Chad talk about house concerts and private engagements, and then discuss the many catastrophic flooding events that have hit Houston, including last week’s Tropical Storm Imelda.