SlapperCast Episode 15: Sandwich Time

This week on SlapperCast: what would Paddy and Chad be doing now if Blaggards had never happened? A very good question with a very long answer. The ensuing discussion takes us down the winding road of Houston history and the dramatic changes the music industry has seen in the digital era.

Show notes

Katy and Pasadena

Photo by Mary E. Dobrovolsky Gibson.

FRIDAY we’re back in Katy at Mo’s Irish Pub! 9 PM start and no cover.

SATURDAY, for the first time, we play at Timeout #3 in Pasadena! 9 PM start.

SlapperCast Episode 14: Julie Andrews Called Me

Patrick wirelessly roaming O’Malley’s Pub (Photo by Kelly Howe)

This week on SlapperCast, Patrick and Chad talk about wireless guitar systems, mandolins in Blaggards music, why Blaggards doesn’t have a fifth member, our favorite movie soundtracks, and the often hilarious obsession our fans have with Patrick’s hair.

Show notes

Longview and Little Rock

Photo by Micah S. White.

FRIDAY we’re back in Longview at Lone Star Ice House! 9 PM start and no cover.

SATURDAY we return to Hibernia Irish Tavern in Little Rock, 9 PM start. See you there!