SATURDAY: Live on Facebook

Blackwater Draw Brewing and the AOH Texas State Board presents a Virtual Happy Hour featuring Blaggards, benefiting the Hibernian Hunger Project.

Saturday, June 13, 2020 at 6 PM Central

You can donate directly to Texas AOH on Venmo, and as usual Blaggards will be accepting tips via Venmo and PayPal. Thanks so much!

ALSO: Stay tuned for a BIG announcement next week!

SlapperCast Episode 69: Ant-face, Missouri

This week on #SlapperCast: why are people fired from bands? Some personal anecdotes may offer a few clues.

SlapperCast usually comes out on Tuesday, but we’re releasing this episode a bit early so that we may join the rest of the music industry in observing #BlackoutTuesday, a day of silence on social media to provoke accountability and change. Please stay safe.


SlapperCast Episode 68: Brett, Beth & Beyond

Bars are reopening and things are getting weird. This week on SlapperCast, we talk about the safety precautions bar owners have implemented, and the flak they’re taking from customers as a result. Also: bands that would benefit from better singers, overcoming nervousness on stage, the importance of good stage banter: how much is too little, when it does become too much, and should it ever be scripted or rehearsed?

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Show notes