SlapperCast Episode 82: More Than Twenty, Less Than a Million

This week on #SlapperCast:

  • Houston’s near-miss with Hurricane Laura
  • An update on last week’s show (Episode 81) with pub/brewery owner Chris Steele and his efforts to reopen his businesses during the pandemic under current TABC restrictions
  • Upcoming guest: comedian Slade Ham
  • The op-ed battle between Jerry Seinfeld and James Altucher about the fate of New York City
  • How the pandemic is affecting retail space and office space real estate
  • Do we have any strange pre-show rituals?
  • How audience feedback affects musicians and comedians
  • How many marriages are Blaggards responsible for?
  • Why we miss the routine of loading in/setting up/breaking down/loading out gear at shows
  • The importance of a quick load-out after a show
  • Struggles with weight loss/maintenance during the pandemic
  • Will we do a #SlapperCast live stream?
  • We will we record and release our version of Danny Boy?

Many thanks to Kelli for your questions!


SlapperCast Episode 81: Beast of Blackwater

This week on #SlapperCast: we talk with our dear friend Chris Steele, owner of O’Bannon’s Taphouse and Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. in Bryan–College Station, Texas.

  • How Chris got started in the bar industry, and how his wife Stephanie got him hooked on quality beer
  • The genesis of O’Bannon’s Taphouse and Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. (BWD)
  • The challenges that O’Bannon’s and BWD are now facing during the pandemic with the inconsistent and unreasonable restrictions being placed on bars/restaurants in Texas.
  • How alcohol laws in Texas have changed since the pandemic, and how they might (should) continue to change

SlapperCast Episode 80: The Slums of Killiney

This week on #SlapperCast, Patrick’s brother Andrew Devlin joins us to talk about his company PitchHub.

  • What Andrew’s life has been like with three young boys virtual learning from home
  • Why Andrew prefers Spotify over other streaming music services
  • Andrew’s company PitchHub, which helps businesses create video content to use online
  • PitchHub’s concept of helping clients create a “video business card”
  • How PitchHub could be useful for musicians
  • How the pandemic is affecting the real estate business, as people no longer have to worry about living close to work
  • How music venues might adapt to the pandemic
  • The challenge of adding real applause to live stream performances
  • How late night talk show hosts have adapted to working from home
  • Working on song arrangements in the recording studio instead of on stage

SlapperCast Episode 79: Can’t Get Rid of the Tramp Stamp

Former drummer and Forever Blaggard Mike McAloon rejoins us for a whole episode!

Save our Stages

  • How life has changed for Mike since he left the band
  • Mike’s assessment of Eric’s drumming in Blaggards
  • Eric’s assessment of Mike’s drumming in Blaggards
  • The generational differences between Mike and Eric’s approach to drumming and musicianship in general
  • Great 1990s drummers
  • How Mike first became a drummer
  • What Mike misses about being in Blaggards
  • Favrorite gig we’ve ever played as Blaggards
  • How the bar industry and live music have been suffering during the pandemic
  • How Mike’s dad was instrumental in getting Mike into Blaggards
  • Chris Longwood has agreed to master the new Blaggards album