SlapperCast Episode 27: Hair Tips From Bald People

This week on SlapperCast, Patrick and Chad talk about how to stay focused and positive when you’re self-employed, why daily exercise is essential, favorite album covers, and Chad raves about his new Apple Watch.


Artwork by Andrew Schram.

Artwork by Andrew Schram.

This weekend: Stafford and Katy

At long last, this FRIDAY we return to Pub Fountains in Stafford!

Then SATURDAY we’re back at Mo’s in Katy! 8:30 PM start and no cover.

Cypress & Galveston

Blaggards at Woody’s Beach Bar (photo by Brian Reeves)

FRIDAY we’re back at Mo’s Irish Pub in Cypress, 9 PM start.

SATURDAY we’re back at Stuttgarden Tavern on the Strand, 7 PM start.

Then, you should plan on staying the night in Galveston, because SUNDAY we’re at Woody’s Beach Bar! Early start at 3 PM.

SlapperCast Episode 26: The Bee Gees Need Some Dive Bombs

This week on SlapperCast: Patrick and Chad talk about their recent shows in San Antonio and Plantersville before addressing a question about what legendary bands they wish they could have played with. This leads to a discussion of how Elvis Presley might have been saved.

Also, our IRELAND tour is definitely happening! Sign up today!

Join us in IRELAND this Fall

Artwork by Vicente Yuste.