SlapperCast Episode 123: “Bass Brain” with Allen Hill

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Our good friend Allen Hill returns to SlapperCast to talk about his new single “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and how he approaches everything in life as a bass player. Also: our new album BLAGMATIC is open for pre-orders!

Yeah Yeah Yeah by Allen Hill on YouTube (Streaming service links)

Cooking With Max

Pre-Order BLAGMATIC, the new album from Blaggards

SlapperCast Episode 33: All Over the Map with Allen Hill


TODAY we’re opening up CD pre-orders for our new album BLAGMATIC.

The CD is scheduled to be released on July 14, and everyone who pre-orders the CD now will also be able to download the album in high-quality audio before release day. 

Also, a special vinyl edition is coming, and will be opening for pre-orders soon!

MASSIVE THANKS to our friend Vicente Yuste for working his ass off on this amazing cover design, and of course to Paul Beebe and Chris Longwood for making everything sound fantastic.

SlapperCast Episode 116: Tim Aballo of the Outsiders PBR

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This week we’re joined by our old friend, the amazingly talented and always hilarious Tim Aballo, lead singer and guitarist of the punkabilly trio the Outsiders and co-host of the podcast Drinking with Pete and Tim. This is just part one of a much longer conversation… part two coming next week!

Also: more news about our new album “Blagmatic”, favorite record stores in Houston, and what we’ve been listening to lately.

Show notes

Chase the Moon — the Outsiders PBR

The Brew Shoppe

Drinking with Pete and Tim