Hi kids,

Here we are in Brian’s home town, safe and sound. We drove straight, took us about 32 hours to get here, driving nonstop in shifts. It was breeze… no traffic, great weather, beautiful scenery (especially if you were sitting behind me).

We would have left more audio blog posts along the way, only I stupidly dropped my cell phone down this stupid hole in the side of the van while we were driving through Mississippi. That was pretty funny. But it’s now safely retrieved and all is well with the world once again.

Hope to see some of you Boston folks out at Copperfield’s tomorrow night. RRRoCK!

~ Chad

2 thoughts on “BOXBORO, MA!

  1. Another Friday came and went and still no sign of Blaggards at Fado’s.. Ahh.. So much time.. so little Irish music.. Lifes a bitch..
    When are you fellows heading back to Austin?


  2. We miss you Paddy Daddy! Prayers are being said! We are home safe and sound! We send you all our love and kisses! “I daddy’s girl”! xoxo

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