Things I learned… (by Tuffy)

As my first and only blog post, I’ve chosen to recount my tour experience in list form. why? because I love lists.

Things I learned on my first ever band tour
by: Tuffy

1. Tour vans get smelly (and fast!). Although the source is never revealed, it almost always comes from the drummer. (sorry, Brian)

2. Hotel Vogel is the best place to stay in Boston. (they even have cherry scones!!!)

3. Chad is a donut dumpster. 45 donuts in under an hour. no joke. what a champ!! His new name is Sir Dunkin.

4. Firefighters are the best dancers. My favorite moves include: the swimming man, the worm, the somersault and let’s not forget the belly slide! hope they didn’t get splinters!

5. 24 hour drive thru doesn’t mean open 24 hours, it means open until we feel like closing. LIARS!!!

April and Phil are even nicer in real life. Thanks for the tour- and for coming out to the show!!

7. Butthead impersonations never get old. never ever.

8. Brian, although he couldn’t tell you which direction Austin is from Houston, is one helluva guide. Way to go, Magellan!

9. Cheez whiz is the only way to go when you’re getting a philly cheese steak. Any other way is just wrong.

10. Our fans are the best. Especially those who travel across the country because they can’t go 10 days without you. WE LOVE YOU!!!

3 thoughts on “Things I learned… (by Tuffy)

  1. Man, I dont know where you found those fireman, but This one can’t do the worm..its more like the slug lol

  2. Your band is the best that has come to College Station in ages, we cannot wait for your return. And let us know, so we can get your posters ready at O’Bannon’s.

    Many thanks,

    Admin at

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