Our first ever SUMMER Ireland Tour! Are you in?


Yep, we’re really doing it! We’ve received many requests for this over the past few years, so here it is: an itinerary for a tour of Ireland in Summer 2015 (PDF). Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick, along with stops in Killarney, Kilkenny, the Cliffs of Moher, and much more.

People have already begun signing up, so get on board! Call Hammond Tours today at 866-486-8772.

7 thoughts on “Our first ever SUMMER Ireland Tour! Are you in?

  1. How about two shows in Dublin? Purty Kitchen is a lovely venue, but it has very little passing trade, you should do a gig in the city centre, get a local opening band, promote the show on social media and try to get some air time on radio nova (Ireland’s best rock station) and try to push a home grown Irish support base. If you need help let me know, I ran a gigging promotion company and independent label when I was in college, I still have a few contacts of grass roots people who might be able to help.


  2. coming by NYC anytime soon? – I live north of the city in the town of Port Chester NY – here we have a great old venue called The Capitol Theatre – dying to see you guys!

  3. Just wanted to say,saw you guys in Helotesyesterday…Hell of a show…keep rocking…Hope to see you again in SA…

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