RIP Jay Dooling

Jay Dooling
Here’s a picture from 2009 with our dear friend Jay Dooling, longtime co-host of “Irish Aires” on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston who passed away Saturday night. Jay was a huge figure in Houston’s Irish community and one of the biggest supporters Blaggards ever had. On Irish Aires he was the first DJ, along with co-host Pete Little, to play selections from “Standards” on the radio. Jay tirelessly promoted our shows on the air every week for years, and was in the audience every chance he got. Some of you may remember that before Blaggards there was a band called On the Dole… Jay loved that band, too, and was there for their very first show, as well as the first shows Blaggards ever played back in 2004. His support and enthusiasm for what we do always meant the world to us. We will miss you, Jay.

(Photo by Charles Doc Dougherty)

4 thoughts on “RIP Jay Dooling

  1. It really makes me sad to hear about Jay’s passing. For many years I had the pleasure of leading into Irish Aires and always enjoyed Jay’s warm kind presence in the studio. I had a live broadcast one time and I let the live feed run into Irish Aires as The Blaggards took the stage so Jay could do a live feed intro of one of his favorite bands. That was a real pleasure and something I am really happy I was able to make happen. I did it for Jay who asked me to set it up and I was happy to do it for him as I loved and respected him so much. Jay passed with the knowledge that he made a lot of people happy and was a vocal advocate for Irish culture. That had to make him happy. RIP Jay we love you.

  2. Thanks so much, Joe, for your kind words about Jay *and* for putting us on the air. I can’t believe that live show was almost 10 years ago! Time flies. Cheers, man.

  3. Very sad to hear Jay died we own a bed and breakfast in Ireland …Jay often visited us he told me about his illness…I would love to pass my condolences to Bertha his wife RIP Jay…you were a very nice man.

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