SlapperCast Episode 79: Can’t Get Rid of the Tramp Stamp

Former drummer and Forever Blaggard Mike McAloon rejoins us for a whole episode!

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  • How life has changed for Mike since he left the band
  • Mike’s assessment of Eric’s drumming in Blaggards
  • Eric’s assessment of Mike’s drumming in Blaggards
  • The generational differences between Mike and Eric’s approach to drumming and musicianship in general
  • Great 1990s drummers
  • How Mike first became a drummer
  • What Mike misses about being in Blaggards
  • Favrorite gig we’ve ever played as Blaggards
  • How the bar industry and live music have been suffering during the pandemic
  • How Mike’s dad was instrumental in getting Mike into Blaggards
  • Chris Longwood has agreed to master the new Blaggards album
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