SlapperCast Episode 80: The Slums of Killiney

This week on #SlapperCast, Patrick’s brother Andrew Devlin joins us to talk about his company PitchHub.

  • What Andrew’s life has been like with three young boys virtual learning from home
  • Why Andrew prefers Spotify over other streaming music services
  • Andrew’s company PitchHub, which helps businesses create video content to use online
  • PitchHub’s concept of helping clients create a “video business card”
  • How PitchHub could be useful for musicians
  • How the pandemic is affecting the real estate business, as people no longer have to worry about living close to work
  • How music venues might adapt to the pandemic
  • The challenge of adding real applause to live stream performances
  • How late night talk show hosts have adapted to working from home
  • Working on song arrangements in the recording studio instead of on stage

2 thoughts on “SlapperCast Episode 80: The Slums of Killiney

  1. So, Patrick will sing Take On Me, where’s Come on Eileen if we’re visiting 80’s pop?

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